A non-profit organization established to preserve the history and artwork of the former home of Laura Pope Forester.



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Popes Museum Preservation Incorporated

192 Pope Store Road

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September 20, 2018

Checkmating the Facts with Vision

When I walked through the petite French doors of Pope’s Museum, it wasn’t the odor of three years being closed up and the ill treatment of animals that I sensed. It was the 5 sets of arches I awed at as I stepped through the original do...

July 12, 2018

News of infighting, just like family conflict, usually get more attention than what is appropriate.  Too often, discontented voices overshadow what is honorable and right as a morning fog can overshadow a farmer’s field until you can barely distinguish the pecan grove...

July 6, 2018

There are 2 American flags waving outside my front gate at Popes Museum.  These banners stand as sentries, pointing toward the character and ideals of the individuals ­that Laura Pope Forester memorialized in her 26-foot wall of statues and marble.  Today, 75 years aft...

March 2, 2018

If you have been following my blog this year you know that we have been refurbishing Popes Museum, the home of artist Laura Pope Forester.  Many of my blogs have been about the lessons I have been taught on this journey. There was the discovery of an heirloom rose unde...

February 26, 2018

It has been a tough last few weeks on the Popes Store remodeling journey.

Or has it? 

Here are the facts.   While putting in a ceiling fan we found the

original 1900s "

knob - and - tube" (K&T) wiring ...

still in use.

We also found parts of it with raw wire exposed due to...

February 24, 2018

The patio is done for now.

Yes I am aware of the dips and puddles in it.

Yes, I am aware that some bricks have to be relaid.

Yes, I am aware that the yard is 2¨ higher than the entire patio.

These things will be addressed at a later time. Although I see these issues, I am...

February 24, 2018

If you have been following my blogs you know that I began uncovering a 33 x 24 foot patio:  

  Going  from winter to spring in this yard, I noticed a precise edging of delicate bulb flowers buds poking out in late February. Then these green shoots bore pe...